Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay so the swatches I promissed ^__^

First off is the eyeshadows.

Triple eyeshadow: Sahara/Suede/Chocolate. Singels l/r Skin tight & Black.

The blushes

The super cute box is Benefits blush in Georgia, l/r NYX Pinky &NYX Desert rose.

I start with the lipglosses! From left to right.

Sorbet, Peach & real nude

Lipsticks, left to right.

Strawberry milk, Georgia & Fig

Darling & Margarita

I just have to say that I really regret buying 5 lipsticks, I really like the colour but the taste is so horrible!! It tastes like some cleaning product! HUGE minus!

If you didnt know how my lips looked before, you now know ^__^ Sorry bad humor, im tired ;O


On the top NYX 123, 102 & 125 . The lashes at the bottom has glitter on them... I didnt know that when I bough them, haha I guess I have to use them sometime when I go out :) As you may see Ive used the lashes at the top , pic at the end of the post ^^

Urban Decay - Primer potion

Lastly, Two eyeshadow pencils ^^

You can see which ones it is yourself ;)

I used the 123 lashes yesterday when I went out with some friends!
Lisa & me and in the back Koffe that you can barly see ;)

As you can see they are huge!! When I put them on I was about to cut them xD but I changed my mind, and then I got some nice compliments about them ^^

Time for a powernap before I work the night shift!! Wish me good luck :D



beautydiva said...

preety colors, looks sooo good on you :)

Ess said...

Hi cass. Pleeeease wear a pink eyeshadow look and take pictures and post them on here. I can't picture you with pink eyeshadow because I've never seen it on you before so now I'm real curious!!


love the eyeshadows, great for everyday

beautydiva said...

hi, kindly check my blog for your blog award. congrats and thanks

Jumelle Makeup Artistry said...

NYX is a good brand. The lippies look good on you.