Monday, October 18, 2010


This post is all about someone who has been one of my best friends for some years now! Noone less than Hello Kitty!

Someone cute asked me if I could show a pic of my planket I used in a pic and of course I can, I can show you both!^__^

They are pretty big so I had to take the pics on my floor :D

A couple of years ago when I started to like hello kitty, I collected some but then one day I decided to act a little more "grown up" or something so I threw them all away!! I regret that so much... But it didnt take long before I started to buy new ones!^__^ Screw grown up things ;)

So I have some stuff now and this is what I could find spread around in my room! (I have a few other items as well, but I couldnt find them ;__; and I didnt feel that I wanted to take the clothing pieces I have :P)

Blankets, plastic bags,calender, make up bag, bags, wallets, pez thing, pencil holderm pencils, clock, candy, water bottle, cup, crappy eyeshadow, some notebooks, phone accessories, just figures, some on my keychain holder and a frisbee!

My friends know that I love her and they also know my reaction when I get something with her so they enjoy to give that to me ^__^

hihi <3 Love!
Pretty meaningless post but a cute one xD haha



Christine said...

i love Hello Kitty so cute, still buy things with this cute kitty on :)

Thank you for your comment :)

xoxo Christine

Toni Tralala said...

I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but this is very sweet! :)

Clover said...

Yeahhh! Thank you very much! The blankets are soooo cute! I love them <3

You have so many items of Hello Kitty! Ah, I'm jealous!!!^___^
I want them! =P

Erin said...

These are adorable! I find myself missing things I threw away as well :(

Nea said...

Aw hello kitty is so cute!