Thursday, November 25, 2010

When You Smile The Whole World Stops And Stays For A While

OOhhh!!! I bought a new lipstick today! :D

Mac's Viva Glam Cyndi! And I looove it!!

My moms comment when I bought it: If you buy a lipstick for 180 kr (about £16) you better not kiss it away! Use the cheap ones for that!! hahahahaha xD

Weeeei Im in love! ^___^


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I got my camera back some days ago, and i've been busy hanging out with my ex bf, working and friends. Think I have a winter depression as well... Not fun at all.. Anyhow, a while back I bought some goods from MAC and I thought I would post what I bought ^^

Lady gaga lipstick, haute & naughty lash mascara, blush & eyeshadow palette :D

First off the lady gaga lipstick. Its a very smooth baby pink and I love it! If I just take one strike of it its almost no colour which I really like! One of my current fave lippies! <3

6 Dashing lassie eye shadows: This was the most attractive palett for me, since I dont have any bronzing colours, i thought this was perfect for an evening look! Very pigmented exept the one in the right corner... Irritating. Blush in peaches! Perfect for my skincolour it gives a healthy winter-look!
Palett swathes!

You can barely see the swatch but the peaches blush!

I'll re-do my mascara review as well, since the last pics was so blurry!

Haute & naughty lash macara, 2 step mascara: use the pink lid for a neutral look and the glitter one for a more dramatic look.

Step zero, not even curled lashes.

Step 1, curled lashes with pink lid mascara applied.

Step 2, both pink and glittery one ^^

So what do I think about this mascara... Love what it does to my lashes, its very easy to apply and I dont get mascara everywhere! BUT if I dont have falselashes it smudges during the day, so its a nono if I dont wear falsies, lucky for me I usually do ;)

Pic from yesterday ^__*

Love u <3


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just The Way You Are

Hello! <3

I tried to take some outfit pictures a couple of days ago.. But I kind of failed.. haha Anyway though I would post a nice dirty mirror pic ! ;)

  • Top H&M
  • Vest Lindex
  • Skirt H&M
  • Neckless Got the clock from my grandfather, the other one I made.. The rings are from several different stores!
I also wore another pair of my NYX lashes.. Not a very good pic but you can see them anyway ^_^

Let me know if its intressting with outfits! ^__^


Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award!

^_____^ I received ' One Lovely Blog Award'!

Thank you so much! I got it from

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay so the swatches I promissed ^__^

First off is the eyeshadows.

Triple eyeshadow: Sahara/Suede/Chocolate. Singels l/r Skin tight & Black.

The blushes

The super cute box is Benefits blush in Georgia, l/r NYX Pinky &NYX Desert rose.

I start with the lipglosses! From left to right.

Sorbet, Peach & real nude

Lipsticks, left to right.

Strawberry milk, Georgia & Fig

Darling & Margarita

I just have to say that I really regret buying 5 lipsticks, I really like the colour but the taste is so horrible!! It tastes like some cleaning product! HUGE minus!

If you didnt know how my lips looked before, you now know ^__^ Sorry bad humor, im tired ;O


On the top NYX 123, 102 & 125 . The lashes at the bottom has glitter on them... I didnt know that when I bough them, haha I guess I have to use them sometime when I go out :) As you may see Ive used the lashes at the top , pic at the end of the post ^^

Urban Decay - Primer potion

Lastly, Two eyeshadow pencils ^^

You can see which ones it is yourself ;)

I used the 123 lashes yesterday when I went out with some friends!
Lisa & me and in the back Koffe that you can barly see ;)

As you can see they are huge!! When I put them on I was about to cut them xD but I changed my mind, and then I got some nice compliments about them ^^

Time for a powernap before I work the night shift!! Wish me good luck :D


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I finally got my stuff that I ordered! It took 6 days from the UK and 7 from USA ^__^

Pic now, swatches later :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Weei I got some extensions from my friend! They are a little bit darker than my hair, but I dont care right now! Im just so happy to have long hair again! :D haha

A pic from yesterday, I was goin out with my mom (yes i know my mom :P) to meet a dude ^^ So I curled my new hair, it took ages but I liked it ^___^

Sorry for the duck mouth xD

And I tried to take some pics of it today aswell :) Sorry for the photospam!!

And at last, I wanted to show my earing cuz I really like it (A) hihi Its a gun xD Eventhough you dont see it that well ;P

Love to everyone!! <3


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday I went to my other friends goin away party! After that I had to go to work.. I started at midnight and worked until 5 in the morning! I was soooo tired when I got home so I just wiped off my make up and went to sleep!

A pic of my friend Elin who was dressed out as Vegemite, why she is painted brown in her face is because the vegemite product is brown and she had a yellow t-shirt that said vegemite but you cant see that :( My costume was about my ring.. haha so lame! Sorry for the face xD I had chips in my mouth xD hehe

I did a little bit of shopping yesterday again... This is not good haha I used all these three products in the photo ! But I mixed my new foundation with my other darker one thats in Honey beige!

Since I felt that the MaxFactor weightless foundation didnt give me as much coveredge as the lasting Performence, I bought a lighter colour of my absolute favourite of all times. Then I wanted to test the Rimmel stay matte powder and the concealer also by MaxFactor I bought two days ago ^^

MaxFactor Lasting Performence in 105 Soft Beige, MaxFactor mastertouch 306 Fair & Rimmel stay matte 004 Sandstorm!

I really like the concealer, its very covering and the colour was good for me! It says that its for under-eyes but I asked the lasy at the store and she told me I could use it on blemishes as well! ^__^

Even if I use matte powders my forhead mainly gets shiny after some hours, Ive only used the powder once but it was the same as the others I have.. Stupid forhead.. =__='''

I think Im going to take a powernap soon since Im working the nightshift tonight again! :P


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turn It Up

After I said goodbye to one of my best friend and her bf, thats going away to australia for like more than a years since her bf is from aussie, I went in to the city... Not so good, I ended up buying two lipstick, one concealer and another box for my make up...

But first off I will show you a pic of my eye with the mac no 7 falsies, only eye cuz I wasent feeling so comfortable with myself today...

I like them... But I dont like the band that the lashes are put on, since I have to be very careful when i try to take the glue away after using them... But at the same time its easier to put on and to get in place xD haha Even if they look pretty long, I wish they where a a liiiiiittle bit longer... I guess I just love huge lashes ^__^'' heehee

One question I would be happy if someone could answer is: Is it better to put on mascara before or after you put on these lashes?

Onto the lippies!

MaxFactor 825 Pink Brandy & Rimmel 700 Nude Delight

I really like this lipstick alot! It gives a moised look and its such a pretty colour! Im a bit scared of using to dark lipcolours since Im afraid they will fade and look weird if i forget to put more during the day! I guess I have to check the mirror more often ;)

I think its very simillar to my skincolour so it perfect as a nude lipstick, Its a bit lighter than the mac I bought yesterday and i actually think i will use this more often ^__^

And I forgot to take a pic of the concealer so Ill post that another day ;) hihi

But heres a pic of my makeup at the moment and you can see some of my cd:s aswell. My two passions :D

I dont know where to put my foundations ;__; <3 And i only like two of them -_-''haha

Love to everyone and thanks to everyone that comments!! <3


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tell Me Goodbye

I was in such a mood to shop today! I decided to buy my first items from mac and then I continued to look for some clothes more suited for this cold weather! But I didnt find anything I liked enough to buy ... So annoying xD

Just have to say that a couple of days ago I went to look at the mac counter to see if the disney collection had arrived (Ive been looking SO many times!) and I got so sad when I saw that the day before they had the delivery and they only had stuff I didnt want left! I went there on saturday and monday and on the sunday the stuff arrived... ;__; I got so sad ! Anyway this is what I bought today! ^__^

False lashes No.7, Blush in pink swoon & Satin Lipstick in Cherish.

Since my other nude lipstick died a couple of months ago, I bought a nude toned lipstick that I really like! :D

I wasent so sure which blush to buy, since the one I really wanted was in the Disney collection but at last I decided on this pink one, I really liked how it turned out on my cheeks when The mac oldie (woman) tested it on me! xD The first pic looks weird but it looks more like it does IRL than the others ;P

Since Ive heard alot about these lashes I really wanted to try them out! Im so exided on how it will look tomorrow morning!! ^____^

Pics tomorrow of the look :D

I just orded a ton of NYX makeup from some site! Think they will come in a week or two! ^__^Yaay! Show you then!