Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday I went to my other friends goin away party! After that I had to go to work.. I started at midnight and worked until 5 in the morning! I was soooo tired when I got home so I just wiped off my make up and went to sleep!

A pic of my friend Elin who was dressed out as Vegemite, why she is painted brown in her face is because the vegemite product is brown and she had a yellow t-shirt that said vegemite but you cant see that :( My costume was about my ring.. haha so lame! Sorry for the face xD I had chips in my mouth xD hehe

I did a little bit of shopping yesterday again... This is not good haha I used all these three products in the photo ! But I mixed my new foundation with my other darker one thats in Honey beige!

Since I felt that the MaxFactor weightless foundation didnt give me as much coveredge as the lasting Performence, I bought a lighter colour of my absolute favourite of all times. Then I wanted to test the Rimmel stay matte powder and the concealer also by MaxFactor I bought two days ago ^^

MaxFactor Lasting Performence in 105 Soft Beige, MaxFactor mastertouch 306 Fair & Rimmel stay matte 004 Sandstorm!

I really like the concealer, its very covering and the colour was good for me! It says that its for under-eyes but I asked the lasy at the store and she told me I could use it on blemishes as well! ^__^

Even if I use matte powders my forhead mainly gets shiny after some hours, Ive only used the powder once but it was the same as the others I have.. Stupid forhead.. =__='''

I think Im going to take a powernap soon since Im working the nightshift tonight again! :P



beautydiva said...

hey I never tried rimmel but the shades looks awesome. think i must try soon:)

Ess said...

I'm still on a hunt for a great concealer! Also.....nice tits! ;) haha. <3