Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solid Sphere

I'm soon meeting up a couple of friends because we are goin out clubbing tonight ^____^ weeei <3 I had a minor break down before because I really don't like my haircut! I look like an old lady ;__; buhu So I dont have my hair compleatly down but my hair is like the same lenght as the hair surrounding my face ...

I'm also wearing the false lashes!! LOVE!

Close up ^__^hihi <3

I hope everyone has a great night!! :D

<3 Cassandra

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neo Tokyo Samurai Black

It's finally time to show what I've bought! ^__^

Let's not waste another minute!

: Pink blush lipstick

I really like this baby pink lipstick! I think its a perfect colour and I don't feel like a "fjortis" a term for 14 year olds how use WAAAY to much make-up ;)

L'oréal Super liner in black, Maybelline Expression Eyebrow in 003 Brown & MaxFactor 2000 caolrie mascara.


I love the eyeliner this is the 3rd time I've been buying this (+ two of the dark brown one ;D), I've only used the eyebrow pencil a couple of times but I have to say it doesnt smudge nearly as much as the one from H&M that I've been using before. The mascara was not nearly as good as I remember it and doesnt give me the volum nor length that I want:(

MaxFactor Colour perfection Eyeshadow in 430 Shooting Star, Lumene Mineral Blush in 1 Winter Rose & Laura Key Duo Bronzing Powder.

I really like the eyeshadows, especially the pink one because it blends in really nice with my skin and gives a natrual look. The blush is REALLY pretty and so pigmented! Finally I find a pink blush that I really like! ^_______^ The bronzing duo on the other hand really is worthless (got it from a magazine but still..) it's SO pressed that it hard to swatch! The quality is also really bad, its in a really cheap plastic holder and the glue on the bottom of the product has already got loose so its jumping around in there ;P haha

Swatch: Eyeshadows, blush and over the brown thats where the bronzer is, but you cant see it thats how bad it is!

Depend False Lashes in No. 5 & Ardell waterproof Eyelash glue.

I absolute LOVE the lashes! They are really good quality and really gives me the rusult I want and it comes with a tiny bottle of black and one seethrough glue! The day after I used my first pair I went to buy another pair, luckily for me it was the last pair in the store! OoO hihi. I've only used the ardell glue one time and it feelt like one of the eyelashes was goin to fall of anytime after I put it on and in the evening it came of really easy which it good and bad.

MaxFactor Age renew foundation in 75 Golden & L'oréal true Match foundation in N5 Sand.

Don't even ask why I got an oldies foundation when I dont have wrincles yet xD And like that's not enough I got the wrong shade, its way to light so i'm planing on using it this winter because it covered up good and I think I can really like it even if its for oldies ;) hihi When I bought the true match one I was scared that it would be yet another one of those foundations that would fall off after a couple of hours since I have oily skin, but it was actually good, and I think I will start using it when I start to work for a more natruall look ^__^

Swaps: Age Renew & True match. You can see that the true match one is a little bit darker than the other one and you clearly see the different of the consistensies.

Thats all make up I bought. Now for the other things <3 2 Tops and a fur scarf to wear over my winter jacket and the cutest bow earrings ever! Everything is from H&M.

And last but not least HELLO KITTY!!

My new best friend and a hairbrush I wont use ;) hiihii <3

I've cut and coloured my hair as well! Pics of that tomorrow along with the false eyelashes on!

<3 Cassandra

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping makes me happy!

I've bought a bunch of stuff these last days but since im at my fathers and I dont have my own computer I cant post pics :C But on soonsoooooon! hihi ^__^

But something i can show you are a couple of false lashes I found and REALLY like!

These ones!

They look so good on, I wil show you when I come home to my precious computer! The day after I used the first ones I went in to the city and bought another pair, the last pair ^__^

<3 Cassandra

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another giveaway!! :D

On this page :

Check this out! So many amazing things!! ooooh!! <3

By the way! When I was siting on the tram on my way home before, I was putting on some lipstick and it broke!!! R.I.P favourite nude lipstick!

<3 Cassandra

Good day ^^

I just got home, i've spent the day with three awesome dudes!! We have been to two cafés and subway ^^

So I promised pics on my nails, so here it goes!

Left & Right

I like them!! I find them kawaii ^_^ hihi<3

I liked my curles today, but they died fast :"""(

Now! Time for pancakes! :D

X Cassandra

Friday, September 17, 2010

For the last.... 4 hours...

I've been listening to this song!!! It makes me so god damn happy!!!

Love it!!

I spend the last 3 hours makeing new nails as well! Pics coming up tomorrow!^__^

God night <3

X Cassandra


Finally a reason to use my hello kitty band aids! Or at least these ones! :D Eventhough they are really bad since they fall off shortly after putting them on :P

Anyway its kawaii ^__^ Eventhough I look sad, im not ^^ hihi

So I went to the grocery store with my mom and my gradma, it was fun, better sitting at home and do nothing.. Plus im really in the mood for shopping even if grocerys dont really do it for me ;) I let my grandma pay for cotton pads in a giant pack which I needed, I also took some sweets and that was good because my friend wasent feeling well so she is coming here. So the plans i had with meeting a speciall person had to get cancelled.. :/ But everything for my loveliness who needs me :D

X Cassandra

Thursday, September 16, 2010

:3 ihih

So after locking through a zillion (!!) blogs tonight, I decided to curl my hair and try to make it big ^__^ I just have one gigantic and och tiny curler so yeah.. I used the small one and tried to use the big for my bangs....which I failed :P

I apologise for my weird face expression! -_-""

I want to buy a medium size curler! Or learn how to use my flat-iron to make good curls!

<3 Cassandra

Awesome giveaway!!

Klick here to go to their side and try to get it!! (( ))

X Cassandra

Monday, September 13, 2010

I was bored...

My computer screen stopped to work a couple of hour ago... But I fixed it :D Anyway so I decide to bling my phone! I've done it ones before.. But today I made it as simple as it can get! :D I'm very pleased with the result!

Im not good at taking pictures xD hehe anyway you can see what it looks like, plus that I just put red nailpolish on ^^

X Cassandra

New family member or members!

I think i'm in love!

Think Nescaf'é Ice coffee is SO good!!

Update! : I'm on my third bag of this delicious drink! Need.To.Stop.

Hihi in the background there a stuffed animal that I won from a admusement park here in gothenburg and also my hellokitty phone straps ;)

FOTD : Me and our new addition to the family, Lilly <3

I have still not decided if i want to use plastic nails or not.. I think its leaning to a no... :P

X Cassandra

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can't wait!!! iiihhhh

I really can't wait until I get home to Gothenburg tomorrow! Home to my nailpolishes and falsenails!! How pretty aren't these?!

The pcture is taken from a random google search! :D

I'm really not nearly as good so that I can do nails that beautiful! But hey I need to practice and maybe one day I will ridiculusly good at fixing my nails!! :D hihi

Btw I'm going home tomorrow, so I don't need to wait a super duper long time!! :D

X Cassandra

Couple of hours for myself

I have been home alone for almost two hours and all I have been doin is sitting by the computer! I've been reading post after post on a great blog ( Janice really make me want to go out and buy loooads of make-up and false lashes (one that makes a bigger inpact on my eyes ;D)

I'm also thinking about using plastic nails for a month or so, so that my nails grow alittlebit longer... But the also use a seethrough nailpolish instead of nail glue so it don't ruin my nails so much! I already have a idea of how they will look :D pretty!!

I'll post a pic of the nails when I've done them :D

X Cassandra

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The difference with false lashes on my eyes!

So I just tried out some falsies that I've had lying around for a while! I haven't tried them since I totally failed to put another pair on a while ago! But I was dissapointed with the result! Since I don't think it's much different from how it looks without them!

I'm already saying sorry for the pic... I look like a total maniac! xD (Without falsies!)
(Klick to make bigger so that you can actually see the difference! ;P)

With the lashes on:

I should go with a much more dramatic ones the next time! :D

X Cassandra