Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stjärnan i det blå

Hellu cutiepies!<3

I recently ordered fron and i goooooot:

  • Eyemazing in No. 005
  • Dolly Wink No. 2 sweet girly
  • Rohto Lycee eyedrops
  • Princess Mimi Sesame grey lences
  • Princess Mimi Almond brown lences

Free gifts: Hair things to keep the hair away from your face and some under-eye-bag mask^___^

I didnt really take good pics of the lences, but you can see how it looks on this one, these are the sesame grey ones :D

I really like them but like all the lences i have they are pretty uncomfortable... I dont know why.. :/ It really sux, what am i doing wrong?

When i have a proper picture of the almond brown ones i will post a pic of them ^_^

I really like the eyelashes the eyemazing ones are SO easy to put on! And i really like the result of them, Im wearing them on the pic aswell :D

(Btw its iphone pics so the quality isnt the best)

Love Cassie<3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forever With You

Hii <3

I hope you all had a wonderfull weekend, I know I did! Friday I was in the city with my bf and my friend and I found this perfect lipstick! I loooove it! <3

The light is totally crap so you can't really see the colour, but its a very light shade of pink! And its perfect! (^___^) It's the Maybelline colorsensational 132 Sweet Pink!

On my lips! It's a very neutral soft pink shade, its perfect for those who want something not to outstanding on their lips. Which I normally prefer since I use alot of eye make up ^^

Mwhiiiihiii (^_^) Im wearing it on this pic aswell and as you can see its not very noticeable! Its absolutely one of my fav lippies from now on!<3

What do you think? :D


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello cutiepie!

Sitting here bored at work, no costumers and my stupid free sms thing on my phone expired earlier today... What should I do now? booooooring!

I don't know if anyone have noticed but all my headlines are the names of song that I really like! Maybe not so easy to figure out, theehee ^__^

So for you how wants to get to know me a little bit better I can tell you some stuff about myself :D

My name is Cassandra (oh really??!! woohoo I didnt already know that ;P) Im 19 years old sooooooon (less than 5 months from now) 20 ^^ That means I can buy liqure at the liqure store and get in to some more clubs xD haha! I currently work at a fastfood place but on monday im going to testwork at a bingo place, ive worked with bingo for 2-3 years while goin to high school before it closed down, so i hope that it goes well ^^ erm... I smoke.. BUT i really want to quit so i will give it a serious try together with my bf (together for almost two months now). I love to sing and of course make up, sleep and hang out with friends and shopping, ops forgot my bf there... hiihhiii (A) <3 I dont know what else to write, so if u want to know something about me just ask... I feel so selfobsorbed while writing that.. :S Not good!

Well now my head is blank, hope you all have a wonderfull day that is much more fun than mine is right now ;D

Love 2 u all!!! <3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love It All

Good Evening!

Just wanted to say im not dead...yet! I've been pretty busy these last weeks with work and..... erm hanging out with my bf, thats why I havent posted anything. And I feel bad for not posting another post of what I bought like a month ago -___-''' SORRY!!!

But I wanted to post a pic of me wearing my favorite falsies! I LOVE them! ^^ Too bad I killed them the other day while taking away som glue from them! Im goin to buy new ones soon! As soon as I decide on what other falsies to buy xD

What do you think about about them? (^_^)

I will really try to blog more! I just hate when I feel pressed to do something, then I have a bad habit of not doing it! "/

LOVE!!! <3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothin' On you

Hellou pretty people! <3

So today I finally got my salary and me and my boyfriend had planned to go shopping! (^_^) Poor thing had to go with my since I needed to buy make up xD Here Is a sneekpeek of what I got!
We got a little goofy with my glasses as well, worth a couple of pics xD

Theeheee <3

Ill show a more what I got soon! ^^

Cassie <3

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lilla Lady

I found this AMAZING ring and I totally want it!!

Im goin to order it on tuesday! Can't wait to get it!!^___^

I found it on this page (Its swedish, but I though i'd post in anyhow ^^) :

Cassie <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High High

So now I've finally got back my internet but I've been pretty busy spendig time with my bf and working so I havent blogged!

I wanted to share a coulpe of new lipsticks i got! Ive been pretty "scared" to use dark lipsticks because my lips have a pretty weird shape and I would constantly wonder how my lips looked xD Anyhow one purlpe/blueish lipstick and a darkred was added to my make-up collection ^^

Its the Maybelline in 338 Midnight plum. First when I saw it I thought to myself: I will never wear this... But then I tried it out and I really got to like it ^^

I really wanted a dark red lipstick so I went for Make up store's Devil matt lipstick andRissian matt lipliner.. But I wasent very pleased with it, since my lips look really weird wearing it! xD I dont have a good pic at the moment...

Cassie <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I hope everyone had a great chrismas and new years!!

Im sorry for not posting any posts but i currently dont have internet at home!!! Im using my friends laptop at the moment to post this!!

I promise to post much more often when i have internet again! I really miss blogging and reading other blogs!! Baaah! Sooooon i hope ill be back on track! ^___^

Love Cassandra