Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High High

So now I've finally got back my internet but I've been pretty busy spendig time with my bf and working so I havent blogged!

I wanted to share a coulpe of new lipsticks i got! Ive been pretty "scared" to use dark lipsticks because my lips have a pretty weird shape and I would constantly wonder how my lips looked xD Anyhow one purlpe/blueish lipstick and a darkred was added to my make-up collection ^^

Its the Maybelline in 338 Midnight plum. First when I saw it I thought to myself: I will never wear this... But then I tried it out and I really got to like it ^^

I really wanted a dark red lipstick so I went for Make up store's Devil matt lipstick andRissian matt lipliner.. But I wasent very pleased with it, since my lips look really weird wearing it! xD I dont have a good pic at the moment...

Cassie <3


Toni Tralala said...

Cassie, you're back! That's a really nice lippie shade! <3

Clover said...

I just can say: love love love the colour! looks so gorgeous on your lips!