Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello cutiepie!

Sitting here bored at work, no costumers and my stupid free sms thing on my phone expired earlier today... What should I do now? booooooring!

I don't know if anyone have noticed but all my headlines are the names of song that I really like! Maybe not so easy to figure out, theehee ^__^

So for you how wants to get to know me a little bit better I can tell you some stuff about myself :D

My name is Cassandra (oh really??!! woohoo I didnt already know that ;P) Im 19 years old sooooooon (less than 5 months from now) 20 ^^ That means I can buy liqure at the liqure store and get in to some more clubs xD haha! I currently work at a fastfood place but on monday im going to testwork at a bingo place, ive worked with bingo for 2-3 years while goin to high school before it closed down, so i hope that it goes well ^^ erm... I smoke.. BUT i really want to quit so i will give it a serious try together with my bf (together for almost two months now). I love to sing and of course make up, sleep and hang out with friends and shopping, ops forgot my bf there... hiihhiii (A) <3 I dont know what else to write, so if u want to know something about me just ask... I feel so selfobsorbed while writing that.. :S Not good!

Well now my head is blank, hope you all have a wonderfull day that is much more fun than mine is right now ;D

Love 2 u all!!! <3

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