Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alors on danse

One of the best drinks ever evented: Coca Cola vanilla! (The other will show itself in my blog in while!) These are really hard to buy in Sweden! I know one shop that sells it in Gothenburg and one in Halmstad (where my dad livs)Now I have one! :D

Im now sitting here drinking it ^__^

Anyway so this weekend I went at my dads and me and my stepmom went out and she bought me a new eyeliner, cuz the one from L'oréal gets dry or at least you have to shake the bottle every 2 seconds !! Which is really annoying! Anyone else who has noticed that? So she bough this one for me ^__^ It's almost 3x the cost of the L'oréal one so I hope its good!

It's the Lancôme Artliner, you see in the last pic the first one is the artliner and the second the L'oréal super liner.They look simillar, which is goo because I love the super liners applicator! Im going to try the Artliner tomorrow^^ High expectations!! ^__*

I also decided to dye my eyebrows, so that when I fill them in they will look a little bit more natrual! hihi :D

Before & After

As you can see they are darker and it looks much better to my haircolour ^__^

I used the Depend colour kit




ARES said...

mmm love vanilla coke! its so yummy!!

i never knew there was a color kit for eye brows.. humm gotta check it out.

Cassandra said...

I know its so good! cant belive they dont sell it in more stores here!!

Its for eyebrows and eyelashes and it goes so fast to dye them, you just have the colour on for 30 seconds and then its supposed to last for several weeks:D