Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Milky Way

Moments ago at my grandparents bathroom I was trying out a foundation my grandma had which was the maybelline dream satin liquid one and i've been curious to try it out. Clumpsy me put waaaay to much on my hand so I just wanted to wash it away but i couldnt find any liquid soap and im not a big fan of the hard ones (i get very dry hands using them) but I saw Dove and it said something with milk on it and that was enough for me because i was thinking about cleansing milk but suprise suprise there i stood with my palm covered in lotion! AND THAT WAS EVEN HARDER TO WASH AWAY WITH THE HARD SOAP!!!! -_-""

That was MY milky way!

(Bought some things today but since im not home until tomorrow i cant show it until then)

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