Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is what I do! Look on internet and get an idea, or just random get stupid ideas into my head! I think this is the third time over maybe 2 or 3 years that I decided to cut bangs (also by my self.. 2 seconds after I got the idea..same thing when I cut my hair..)! EVENTHOUGH I KNOW I LOOK LIKE A BABOON IN THEM!! Geez... The other times I havent liked it and just put them to the side and let them grow out, and then i do the same thing again... Unbeliveable..

This time though, im not really sure what I think about it.. All i know is i have a way to round face for bangs + i look childish and that i cut them too short... So I think its leaning to a "I dont like it" again...

(I cut of the really long hair at the end already xD haha)In my cosy VERY colourful sweather! Its so chilly in my room and even colder in the rest of the apartment!

Probably thinking I was a stupid azz to cut my hair when i liked it so much before when i curled my bangs and some hair around my face...

What do you think? :$



ARES said...

i really like it! and thats coming from a sylist.

Cassandra said...

Thank you!! But i hope i will like it better in a couple of weeks when it has grown a little bit :)



that liner looks great
come follow xoxo

Cassandra said...

Thank you very much:D