Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waka Waka

So today I worked for the first time at my new job! And I wasent sure of what i could wear (makeup, hair, nails and so on) i only knew that we have working uniforms. So I decided only to do my face base with make up and take some mascara, less than I used to put on, and it was SOO booring!!! (Im totally wearing falsies tomorrow!! just some shorter ones!! ^_^ hihi)Plus a boring hairstyle...

This is how my eye looked!:
Usually I also always have some liquid eyeliner on but non today! =o=""

Anyway It went very well besides that I realized some foundation had smudged of on my shirt x_X hahaha So when I got home I was REALLY tired, and after almost falling asleep by the computer I decided to take a bath :D

This is what I occupied myself with in the bath!

Good Calm Music, Diet coke, Magazines (Some old numbers of ageha) a bathbomb (the whole water turned purple and had small goldstarts in it that wanted to annoy me ;D) and a scrubthingie :D

Im soon goin to bed and look in more magazines and then sleep since ill be working the next two days ^________^ Fun fun!

<3 Cassandra


Toni Tralala said...

Hi Cassandra! That's good mascara. :) Thanks for the comment and also, for following me. ;)

I think you look good even without the liquid eyeliner anyway. :P

Cassandra said...

It sure is :D And thank YOU! :D

Well thanks, I just think it looks so clean without anything ;) You look beautiful btw!!


♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

gosh, wt mascara you used? it just makes your lashes look so long and amazing *0*!

Cassandra said...

Well thank you very much!! :D <3

I used Maybelline lash stiletto and L'oréals extra volum collagene mascara ^__^

<3 Cassie