Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turn It Up

After I said goodbye to one of my best friend and her bf, thats going away to australia for like more than a years since her bf is from aussie, I went in to the city... Not so good, I ended up buying two lipstick, one concealer and another box for my make up...

But first off I will show you a pic of my eye with the mac no 7 falsies, only eye cuz I wasent feeling so comfortable with myself today...

I like them... But I dont like the band that the lashes are put on, since I have to be very careful when i try to take the glue away after using them... But at the same time its easier to put on and to get in place xD haha Even if they look pretty long, I wish they where a a liiiiiittle bit longer... I guess I just love huge lashes ^__^'' heehee

One question I would be happy if someone could answer is: Is it better to put on mascara before or after you put on these lashes?

Onto the lippies!

MaxFactor 825 Pink Brandy & Rimmel 700 Nude Delight

I really like this lipstick alot! It gives a moised look and its such a pretty colour! Im a bit scared of using to dark lipcolours since Im afraid they will fade and look weird if i forget to put more during the day! I guess I have to check the mirror more often ;)

I think its very simillar to my skincolour so it perfect as a nude lipstick, Its a bit lighter than the mac I bought yesterday and i actually think i will use this more often ^__^

And I forgot to take a pic of the concealer so Ill post that another day ;) hihi

But heres a pic of my makeup at the moment and you can see some of my cd:s aswell. My two passions :D

I dont know where to put my foundations ;__; <3 And i only like two of them -_-''haha

Love to everyone and thanks to everyone that comments!! <3



Christine said...

Love how you store your makeup :D
i want to find something like it for my makeup :)

x Christine

beautydiva said...

very tidy storage :)

Toni Tralala said...

I like the mascara and nude lipstick looks good on you! :)

Christine said...

yeah im from Norway, Ã…hlens is opening a store here soon, i cant wait :D Its going to be fun :)

xoxo Christine

Nicole said...

I put mascara on after I apply the falsies. The mascara helps the fake ones stick to my natural ones. Also you don't need to apply as much cause the fake helps your natural ones look better even w.o mascara.

Aranza said...

OMG I loooooove your lashes! Wow, I want them!!!!

Clover said...

wow! the lipsticks and false eyelashes look so good on you!!!!

And your storage is pretty good!^^

Jenny said...

you makeup is so darn organized! and the lippies u chose look gorg on you ;)

Winnie* said...

Love your blog :D Just found it and am already following!! MaxFactor 825 looks like a great color! I am going to check it out tomorrow! Thanks for the review!