Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Weei I got some extensions from my friend! They are a little bit darker than my hair, but I dont care right now! Im just so happy to have long hair again! :D haha

A pic from yesterday, I was goin out with my mom (yes i know my mom :P) to meet a dude ^^ So I curled my new hair, it took ages but I liked it ^___^

Sorry for the duck mouth xD

And I tried to take some pics of it today aswell :) Sorry for the photospam!!

And at last, I wanted to show my earing cuz I really like it (A) hihi Its a gun xD Eventhough you dont see it that well ;P

Love to everyone!! <3



Christine said...

your hair is gorgeous <3
I will post whats in my shopping bags today :)

xoxo Christine

Ess said...

Jeeeeez. Wow. Those curls look so good on you, huh. I really like it!! <3

Nicole said...

love the curls!

ARES said...

Omg love the full volume cruls! They look good on you.

Erin said...

beautiful hair! loving your shotgun earrings too!

Kenzie said...

Your hair looks great!
I am also in love with your eyebrows, they are perfect!