Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beautiful Hangover!

Hello pretty!

Yesterday I followed a friend to the city because she needed to buy some make up and of course I got so tempted to buy yet another foundation when the women was talking about it to myfriend. Since I bought my favourite foundation when I was a bit tanner than I am now, I though it was perfect to get a little help finding a colour that was closer to my current skintone. I got....

....this one!

MaxFactors weightless Foundation in medium sandstone 60 :) The women kindly let us know that if you bought two maxfactor products you would get a goodiebag, so me and my friend put our two foundations together and split the goodie bag ^__^ I got the Vibrant curve effect lipgloss in 14 majeste and nailfinity nailpolish in 900 ruby fruit. (My friend got the makeup-bag because I didnt like it :P a pencil liner and a foundation sample ^^)

I like the lipgloss eventhough it jonly gives a little glossy effect and it isnt sticky, it taste like watermelon xD haha it disappears fast, i dont know if it because i lick my lips or if it just disappears xD hehe

I really like the foundation, now i dont feel like a carrot and it covers well, its supposed to give a very matte effect but since i have super oily skin i have to put a mattening primer, matte foundation and powder, but it gets kind of oily in some hours anyway X__x So I cant really say anything about that. It doesnt glide off my face after a couple of hours like many foundations do so I say hello to a new favourite foundation!!! ^__^Yaay! <3

The nailpolish is dark purple, but I just took one layer ontop of my grey nailpolish so i cant give it a fair opinion. But I like it, just wish it was dark red which I though it was at first ;__; :P hehe With the new foundation! ^__^ Its super cold so im wrapped up in my hello kitty blanket!



Erin said...

Cute side braid and lip gloss!

ARES said...

thats so cute that you and your friend split the goodie bag and the lippie is so cute too♥

Clover said...

Thanks for commeting and following my blog^^

Ah, I'm also searching for a new foundation.^^ so thanks for the review.

You have a hello kitty blanket??
Can you make a photo from the whole blanket??^^