Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tell Me Goodbye

I was in such a mood to shop today! I decided to buy my first items from mac and then I continued to look for some clothes more suited for this cold weather! But I didnt find anything I liked enough to buy ... So annoying xD

Just have to say that a couple of days ago I went to look at the mac counter to see if the disney collection had arrived (Ive been looking SO many times!) and I got so sad when I saw that the day before they had the delivery and they only had stuff I didnt want left! I went there on saturday and monday and on the sunday the stuff arrived... ;__; I got so sad ! Anyway this is what I bought today! ^__^

False lashes No.7, Blush in pink swoon & Satin Lipstick in Cherish.

Since my other nude lipstick died a couple of months ago, I bought a nude toned lipstick that I really like! :D

I wasent so sure which blush to buy, since the one I really wanted was in the Disney collection but at last I decided on this pink one, I really liked how it turned out on my cheeks when The mac oldie (woman) tested it on me! xD The first pic looks weird but it looks more like it does IRL than the others ;P

Since Ive heard alot about these lashes I really wanted to try them out! Im so exided on how it will look tomorrow morning!! ^____^

Pics tomorrow of the look :D

I just orded a ton of NYX makeup from some site! Think they will come in a week or two! ^__^Yaay! Show you then!



ARES said...

loving the lippie!! ♥

Aranza said...

love the blush aand lashes!

Nicole said...

Cherish has been on my wishlish, its a pretty color!

Christine said...

wonderful products. I love MAC, they have so many amazing products :)

xoxo Christine

Samm said...

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With love, Samm

Sara.H said...

The lipstick is amazing :) WOW!

I am following you now.
Love your reviews