Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I got my camera back some days ago, and i've been busy hanging out with my ex bf, working and friends. Think I have a winter depression as well... Not fun at all.. Anyhow, a while back I bought some goods from MAC and I thought I would post what I bought ^^

Lady gaga lipstick, haute & naughty lash mascara, blush & eyeshadow palette :D

First off the lady gaga lipstick. Its a very smooth baby pink and I love it! If I just take one strike of it its almost no colour which I really like! One of my current fave lippies! <3

6 Dashing lassie eye shadows: This was the most attractive palett for me, since I dont have any bronzing colours, i thought this was perfect for an evening look! Very pigmented exept the one in the right corner... Irritating. Blush in peaches! Perfect for my skincolour it gives a healthy winter-look!
Palett swathes!

You can barely see the swatch but the peaches blush!

I'll re-do my mascara review as well, since the last pics was so blurry!

Haute & naughty lash macara, 2 step mascara: use the pink lid for a neutral look and the glitter one for a more dramatic look.

Step zero, not even curled lashes.

Step 1, curled lashes with pink lid mascara applied.

Step 2, both pink and glittery one ^^

So what do I think about this mascara... Love what it does to my lashes, its very easy to apply and I dont get mascara everywhere! BUT if I dont have falselashes it smudges during the day, so its a nono if I dont wear falsies, lucky for me I usually do ;)

Pic from yesterday ^__*

Love u <3



ARES said...

great haul!

beautydiva said...

Great haul lucky girl :D

MyMakeUpMania said...

that pink lips looksso nice!

Clover said...

waaaaa... I'm so jealous!
the produts look so great. And the lipcolours suits you very well!
I love it <3