Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love It All

Good Evening!

Just wanted to say im not dead...yet! I've been pretty busy these last weeks with work and..... erm hanging out with my bf, thats why I havent posted anything. And I feel bad for not posting another post of what I bought like a month ago -___-''' SORRY!!!

But I wanted to post a pic of me wearing my favorite falsies! I LOVE them! ^^ Too bad I killed them the other day while taking away som glue from them! Im goin to buy new ones soon! As soon as I decide on what other falsies to buy xD

What do you think about about them? (^_^)

I will really try to blog more! I just hate when I feel pressed to do something, then I have a bad habit of not doing it! "/

LOVE!!! <3

1 comment:

Clover said...

woa! the eyelashes are amazing! I love them! you look gorgeous! what brand are they from?

I understand you^^ time goes by so fast and when you're busy there is not much time left for blogging.
^^ Don't worry, we will wait for you^^
I love your posts, dear!