Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forever With You

Hii <3

I hope you all had a wonderfull weekend, I know I did! Friday I was in the city with my bf and my friend and I found this perfect lipstick! I loooove it! <3

The light is totally crap so you can't really see the colour, but its a very light shade of pink! And its perfect! (^___^) It's the Maybelline colorsensational 132 Sweet Pink!

On my lips! It's a very neutral soft pink shade, its perfect for those who want something not to outstanding on their lips. Which I normally prefer since I use alot of eye make up ^^

Mwhiiiihiii (^_^) Im wearing it on this pic aswell and as you can see its not very noticeable! Its absolutely one of my fav lippies from now on!<3

What do you think? :D



Clover said...

lovely colour! it suits you very well!^^

Erin said...

super cute sparkly shade!

Anonymous said...

light pinks are so perfect since it's so easy to match it up! really cute :)!