Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothin' On you

Hellou pretty people! <3

So today I finally got my salary and me and my boyfriend had planned to go shopping! (^_^) Poor thing had to go with my since I needed to buy make up xD Here Is a sneekpeek of what I got!
We got a little goofy with my glasses as well, worth a couple of pics xD

Theeheee <3

Ill show a more what I got soon! ^^

Cassie <3


Curves ahead makeup said...

Wow you have some great buys there !!! love the goofy pictures !!!

Clover said...

haha funny pictures!^^

looks like a great haul!! I can't wait for the review^^

Catanya said...

Great haul, honey!! I can see some really interesting stuff in there! Can't wait to read some reviews!